About the Sharks Quiz

Produced by Africa Schools Online and endorsed by the Ministry of Education, The Sharks Quiz is a single-elimination academic team competition open to all junior and senior high school students in Ghana.

The competition is typically a question and answer game played in four (4) rounds between two (2) teams of four (4) players each. Each team has one stand by.

Questions on the show focuses on the four key competencies:

1. Literacy
2. Numeracy
4. Social Literacy.


Many people have testified about the Sharks Quiz Competition and its enormouus usefulness to schools, students and the nation at large. Testimonials include...


A Teacher

"As an educator, I was particularly excited to see my students engage in further research and self study as a result of the Sharks Quiz. It also fostered healthy competition among my students and engaged their critical thinking skills. "


A Participantt

" I can boldly say that I am a better team player now as a result of the Sharks Quiz and I loved how challenging the questions were we had to be at best at all times. The competition also provided an avenue for my team and I to showcase our problem solving skills and also meet some very smart colleagues from different schools. ."


A Veiwer

" I love the Sharks Quiz because of the thought provoking questions participants are asked, it calls for fast and critical thinking and the roller coaster of emotions, the suspense, adrenaline rush and pure passion of the students and Intelligence displayed. "


A Parent

" Thanks to the Sharks Quiz my ward's arithmetic has improved significantly and now he spends more time solving math problems. I am excited to see that my ward loves math now."

Aunty Mary

A parent

"I will do all possible to support my boy to prepare and participate in this quiz, God willing next year!! And he wishes to be part, badly."


An educator

"Quizzes, especially The Sharks Quiz, has created the platform for participants and students who watch afar, to work on and sharpen their concentration."