Keta Senior High Technical School definitely put Presec, Legon, through their paces in the first of the quarterfinals series of Senior Sharks 6. To start with, any index applied in a fair and impartial rating of schools in Senior Sharks will see these two schools in the top echelons. Presec, Legon, aside being champions of Senior Sharks 3 are three-time unprecedented finalists, hoping for a fourth in a row. Keta SHTS (Ketasco) have also paid their dues to earn their place as the axiomatic enfants terribles of Senior Sharks.By industry and sheer dynamism, Ketasco have gone as far as a massive 2nd runner-up position in Senior Sharks 3. Interestingly, Ketasco lost to Presec, Legon, in that pulsating encounter, with the latter proceeding  to win their first and only trophy.


A contest between two schools with such splendid profiles then bore all the hallmarks of an intensely feisty battle.

The preceding facts notwithstanding, it would arguably have been the biggest story in Senior Sharks history had Keta SHS succeeded in uprooting the mighty ‘Odade3'.

Presec, Legon, made sure no such news would go viral as they harnessed all their energies to remain resolute in their forward march.

Round 1

Those still in doubt of Ketasco's prowess had to re-write their notes looking at the flawless manner they dealt with the task at hand.

Presec started the Round though and were clearly on top of majority of questions save two that they allowed to pass.

When Ketasco had their turn, they were a delight to watch, answering their questions without breaking a sweat.

Not for the first time in their Senior Sharks campaign, they had a perfect score of eighty (80).

The Presecans didn’t disappoint as usual, ending the Round with seventy (70) points.

Round 2

Both schools evened out in the Reading and Writing segment of this Round with no one in particular distinguishing themselves.

Presec, however, were more clinical in the Arithmetic segment and managed a lot more correct answers than Ketasco.

End of Round scores thus produced ten (10) points for Ketasco and Presec with thirty (30) points to overturn the ten (10) point deficit in the first Round.

Round 3

Still a very close encounter, both schools switched gears and readied themselves for a formula 1-esque contest.

Presec were readier than Ketasco, it appeared, and picked the first riddle of the STEM Round cleanly.

After encountering one or two glitches, both schools dusted themselves and were cruising with correct answers.

Ketasco matched Presec in all STEM-related questions but they were still ten (10) points shy of Presec with a score of twenty-five (25) against thirty-five (35) to Presec.

Round 4

The quiz auditorium, overtaken by the Blue shirts of Presec was sitting on tenterhooks, as the contest was still anybody's to claim.

Without further ado, Kwabena and Benedict as English experts for Presec and Ketasco respectively came forth.

Kwabena hit the buzzer on the first question but he was off to allow Benedict room to narrow his options and he was on point.

On the second question Kwabena did not miss.

Math wizards Dortey and Nelson for Presec and Ketasco respectively showed up next.

Dortey delivered a stand up performance as he buzzed correctly for the two questions to send the Presecans on their feet.

Jaymane and Courage appeared as Science experts for Presec and Keta respectively.

Yet again a buzzer from Presec sounded and Jaymane was right on target.

Both missed the second question after they had buzzed for it.

General Knowledge experts for Presec and Keta respectively were Nii Otu and Wisdom.

They shared twenty (20) points equally.

End of Round Scores gave Keta twenty (20) points while Presec had fifty (50) points.

At the end of this amazing contest, Presec had made it to their fourth successive semi-finals with one hundred and eighty-five (185) points against one hundred and thirty-five (135) for Ketasco.

Congratulations to both teams for giving us a memorable contest.

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