Achimota fall down flat against Ghana SHS

Achimota School, the first co-ed secondary school in the Gold Coast will have no further part to play in the ongoing Senior Sharks Season 7 quiz. Their current state has come about because they lost to Ghana SHS, Tamale, in the First Round series of contests. It also means Achimota will have to compete via nationwide qualifiers if they are to make an appearance in Season 8 of Senior Sharks.

Achimota fall down flat against Ghana SHS
Achimota fall down flat against Ghana SHS
Achimota fall down flat against Ghana SHS

Losing is part of the balancing acts of nature, but the degree of loss by no less an entity like Achimota is what has made this topical.

Fully aware of Achimota's pedigree and the damage they can wreak, Ghana SHS, itself a great school from the Northern Region of Ghana went straight into action, all guns blazing.

Like a matador seeking to subdue a bull, they tamed Achimota in all departments of the contest.

Ghana SHS (Ghanasco) ended up winning the contest by such a big margin it took the Sharks fraternity by surprise.

That the contest was technically over even before it had ended just goes to confirm the quality Ghana SHS possess.

They are as good as good can be. No cap!


Right Corner Round

Farida Abubakar took up the responsibility of answering the social literacy questions on her fragile shoulders.

She gave Ghana SHS the best possible start to the contest they could dream of.

At the end of their two minutes allotted time, they had sixty (60) points bagged.

Now Achimota had only one objective in mind, and that is to outscore Ghana SHS.

Ten (10) points for them at the end of the round is a far cry from their potential.


R Cubed Round

Both teams could be seen eager to stamp their authority on the round and the contest for that matter.

But it was Ghana SHS who were more involved in the Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.

So at the end of the round, Ghana SHS were again in a commanding lead with enormous sixty (60) points while Achimota lifted themselves up slightly from their First Round scores.

They ended the round with thirty-five (35) points.


STEM Round

Continuing from the R Cubed Round, both teams entered the STEM Round vigorously aiming to put themselves in a vantage point for the final round.

A lot of buzzes flew in the air, but unfortunately for both schools, the incorrect calls outweighed the correct scores.

Achimota School were left musing with minus twenty (-20) points at the end of the round, while Ghana SHS were lucky to escape with only minus five (-5) points.


One-on-One Round 

Achimota School winning this contest was out of the question.

But the round held a compensation in terms of money for a correct score, kind courtesy of major sponsors G-Money.

Eyram and Andani took pole position as English experts in Achimota and Ghanasco's name respectively. No points from both sides.

Kwabena and Huudu were produced as Math Sharks for Achimota and Ghana SHS respectively.

Huudu picked the first question but both missed the second.

Noble and Godwin made up the pair of Science experts from Achimota and Ghana SHS respectively.

Noble attempted the first question and took it brilliantly.

Isah and Farida met as Social Literacy experts from Achimota and Ghana SHS respectively.

None made any contribution to the points total of their schools.

Announcing the end of round scores, Ghanasco had ten (10) points while Achimota also had (10) points.

Final Scores: Achimota School with thirty-five (35) points and Ghana SHS, the runaway winners with one hundred and twenty-five (125) points.

Ghana SHS deserves to celebrate this victory TDB.

Beating the mighty Achimota School with a ninety (90) point difference will definitely boost morale for subsequent contests.

Big congratulations to them, and better luck to Achimota School.

The Sharks Quiz is developed by the Academic Talent Development Program and produced by the Adesa Production Limited (APL).

Official media partner is TV3.

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