Labone SHS were in the battle of their lives as they took on reigning Champions, St. Peter's SHS, at the quarterfinals of Senior Sharks 6. Labone upset mighty Holy Child School at the R16 to reach the quarterfinals of Senior Sharks twice in succession. Really and truly, Labone SHS carried same grit and determination into this contest and subjected St. Peter’s to an avalanche of troubling moments during the contest. The defending Champions of Senior Sharks exhibited the stuff champions are made of, proving ready, willing, and able to neutralize the threat from Labone.


Round 1

Labone were tasked with ushering us into this contest.

A return of fifty (50) points in General Knowledge is a good start.

St. Peter’s (Persco) have not put a foot wrong in the R-Cubed Round and the tradition continued as they ended the round with seventy (70) points.

Round 2

As expatiated earlier, Labone SHS have shown time and again that they are no pushovers in Senior Sharks.

In the R-Cubed Round, there was little to separate the defending champions and super-ranked Labone SHS as both teams showed quick reflexes.

Unsurprisingly, Labone jumped ahead of St. Peter's to end the round with twenty-five (25) points with the champions not far behind with twenty (20) points.

Round 3

The first interruption of the round emanated from the buzzer of the defending champions and they made no mistake about it.

St. Peter’s took the second riddle but Labone wouldn’t let them have an easy run as they buzzed and bagged the third riddle.

The pendulum swung again in St. Peter's favour as they bagged the next riddle.

But once again ESelassie provided the needed inspiration for Labone and they correctly buzzed for the next riddle.

Hard nut to crack, St. Peter's, took charge again with a correct answer to the riddle.

Such an eye-pleasing sight this Round of this contest was turning out to be, Labone yet again responding to the champions with their correct buzz.

After a momentary set back to both schools, St. Peter’s were back to business to pick the next riddle..

And boy oh! boy! Labone for the umpteenth time matched St. Peter’s as they buzzed to answer correctly the next riddle.

Scores at the end of this end-to-end action round gave forty-five (45) points to St. Peter’s with Labone scoring forty (40) points.

Round 4

Having notified each other of the danger they possessed, the final round would be fought with the last breath they had especially when only twenty (20) points separated them.

In earnest, experts in English, Bernice and Wedam for Labone and St. Peter's SHS respectively appeared.

Bernice was quickest to bag the first question correctly to draw Labone closer to parity with Persco.

Unfortunately both contestants missed the second question.

Given how far they’ve come in this race, the Math expert for Labone, Pamela, could have done better.

It was Reginald, the expert for St. Peter’s who picked the twenty (20) maximum points at stake without a fight.

ESelassie was up against Kingsley for Labone SHS and St. Peter's SHS respectively as Science experts.

ESelassie buzzed midstream and missed the first question, as Kingsley was unlucky too.

Kingsley made amends and confidently buzzed to hit home the second question to drive a dagger through the hearts of Labosco fans.

Kelvin and Grace showed up as Social Science experts for St. Peter's and Labone SHS respectively.

Kenyan-born Hollywood actress best known for her role in the blockbuster movie, “12 years a slave”, Lupita N’yongo, was not a familiar face to both contestants.

Again, the voice of Kenyan Professor and Pan-Africanist, Prof. Lumumba was unbeknownst to either.

Thus, scores at the end of the Round was thirty (30) for St. Peter's SHS and ten (10) for Labone SHS.

St. Peter’s had one hundred and sixty-five (165) points in the final tally as Labone lost painfully with one hundred and twenty-five (125) points.

Stand up for the champions! And better luck next time Labosco.

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