Senior Sharks 5- Presec vrs Peter's finale preview

The Senior Sharks Quiz has come in leaps and bounds as another thrilling grand finale climaxes Season 5. On Wednesday, October 5, 2022, St. Peter’s Senior High School, Nkwatia, and Presbyterian Boys Senior High School, Legon, will be the cynosure of all eyes as they take center-stage at the Senior Sharks Season 5 grand finale.

Senior Sharks 5- Presec vrs Peter's finale preview

After yet another operose and exciting twenty-seven (27) contests, these two giants remain the last gladiators standing in the Coliseum.

The contest featuring these top-class schools will be  streamed online via TV3 at 11am prompt.

You may call it a “P-Square finale”, as both schools prove to Ghana and beyond who is the more deserving shark to rule the waters.

Key Background

The Presbyterian Boys Senior High School (Presec), Legon, is known for its prowess at unnerving opponents at quiz competitions.

As an honour roll, they are six-time winners of the National Science and Math Quiz( NSMQ).

They have also managed to maintain their position as 2020 and 2021 champions of the Greater Accra Zonal Championship of the NSMQ.

Not forgetting the jaw-dropping performance the school put up when they made it to the grand finale of the Sharks Quiz in 2020 and 2021.

Presec’s emergence as a finalist in 2022, marks the third consecutive time the school has made it to the grand finale. HISTORIC!

From the Eastern Region of Ghana, St. Peter's on the other hand has proven to be equally as assiduous as its opponents.

Persco, as the alias goes has exerted considerable tactics in leaving an indelible mark on all schools who dared it to an intellectual duel.

The school as a first-time finalist in the Shark Quiz has exhibited tenacity and audacity every step of the way and has emerged as the diamond in the rough to the horror of its opponents.

Destined to fly its yellow and ever green colours as it dances on “the grave” of its opponents, the Persco Boys have set sail and there is no retreat and no surrender.

Road to the finals

The Blue Magicians at every encounter of Senior Sharks Season 5 proved to have the flare for irony.

After emerging winners with hundred and sixty-five (165) points at the 1/16th round of the competition, they sent Holy Child School packing to the Central region with the speed of “Light”.

The Magicians agilely manoeuvred at the quarter finals emerging with two hundred and fifteen(215) points ironically sent their opponents, Labone Senior High School, packing during the early hours of the “dawn”.

The Presecans once again robbed St. Augustine’s college of the chance to make it to their first finals when they emerged as winners during the semi-finals with one hundred and fifty( 150) points.

This was a clear case of the “the baobab and the hippo might be strong, but only one has the support of mother earth”.

For the Crocodiles, as St. Peter's mascot indicate, it has been a “Game of Thrones”.

They sprint at every encounter leaving their opponents crawling to the finish line.

At the 1/16th round, with two hundred and forty (240) points, Persco politely chartered a special “Boat” and set the sail for Pope John Senior High School (Pojoba) to return to Koforidua.

Winning with two hundred and twenty (220) points in the quarter finals, the Persco boys extended similar courtesy to the Keta Senior High Technical School when it made sure the “eagle” had a safe flight back to the Volta region.

With one hundred and forty-five (145) points, they equally denied Opoku Ware School of the chance to make it to their second finals when it made sure they got on the bus back to the Ashanti region.

That was after they explained to them that “the crocodile and tortoise might crawl on four legs but the difference remains as clear as day”.

This Season’s finale is beyond proving one’s academic prowess.

With Persco founded in 1957 and Presec founded in 1938, this Grand finale is also about teaching one to respect their “elders”.

Star Performers(MVP contenders)

As reminiscent of past winners of Senior Sharks Quiz, some notable contestants are always pivotal to annexing the trophy.

In Presec’s midst, Alexander and Alfred, alias ‘Alfredo’ have emerged the contestants with the ability to waive the magic wand.

While Alexander has stood out as a Literacy maestro, Alfred is a Science genius with specialty in STEM and riddles.

When they get into their stride, they can take a contest and turn it on its head.

With Persco, the duo of Setornam and Kwasi Amo have been a delight to watch not to forget Elvis whose literacy acumen is at the highest level.

Their telepathy and synergy has overawed many opponents as they march Peter's from victory unto victory.

If their fangs get into the medulla of their opponents, they can immobilize and asphyxiate any opponent to their sorry end.

Pundits’ Prediction( Who is your bet on?)

These numbers presented below, and as obtained from the contests(i.e. R16, Quarterfinals, Semi-finals) Presec and Persco participated in speaks succinctly.

In the First Round of all three contests of Senior Sharks 5, Presec had a total score of two-hundred (200)  while Persco got two hundred and ten(210).

The total scores in Round Two(2) for both schools show two hundred and five(205) for Persco, and one hundred and forty(140) for Presec.

Presec’s total scores in Round Three(3) of three contests combined says one hundred and thirty(130) while Persco’s says one hundred and ten(110) points.

Eighty(80) points total in the Final Round of three contests goes for Persco while for Presec it reads sixty(60) points.

This is the catch- the sacrosanct fact, which is that in the history of Senior Sharks 5, Persco hold the extraordinary record of the two highest scores of two hundred and forty(240) and two hundred and twenty(220).

Presec follows with the third highest score of two hundred and fifteen(215).

By means of extrapolation, therefore, Persco appear to be the better and stronger side.

It goes without saying that they are sharper than Presec in all department of the competition, except in the STEM Round, perhaps.

Whereas Persco is stronger on the Math field, Presec appears slightly better in the STEM round. The literacy and social literacy areas are at par for both schools. So it’s anyone game really.

A grand finale of a gargantuan magnitude as this, however, is more than just a numbers game, as other indices may hold sway.

Temperament, experience, strategy and above all the ability to rise to the occasion all stand to make a helluva difference.

Presec's irrevocable vow to reclaim the title they lost to Wesley Girl's High School cannot also be discounted. Persco on the other hand would like to cap their 65th anniversary celebration with a golden Sharks trophy.

Accurate time-keeper set, able quiz mister checked, contestants primed, and fans of both schools buoyant?- it’s SHOWTIME!!!

Make a date and don’t procrastinate. Selah!

The Senior Sharks Season 5 is headlined by Kellogg’s and supported by Indomie, Vivo, Fortune Rice, Chopbox and Schweppes.

Academic sponsors are Academic City University College, Ashesi University, Family Health University College, Lewis University, University of the Free State, Moringa School.

Media partners of The Sharks Quiz Season 5 are, TV3, 3news, Pulse Ghana, Kwadwo Sheldon and High Schools Society.

The Sharks Quiz is part of the Academic Talent Development Program (ATDP) Foundation and endorsed by the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service.


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