Presec-Legon makes it a third consecutive final in The Sharks Quiz.

Four first-rate schools drawn from four regions meritoriously earned their places in the semi-finals of Sharks Season 5. They are, Presbyterian Boys Secondary School, Legon; St. Augustine's College, Cape Coast; St. Peter's SHS, Nkwatia, and Opoku Ware SHS, Kumasi.

Presec-Legon makes it a third consecutive final in The Sharks Quiz.

In the first semi-finals contest, Presec, Legon, turned the heat on St. Augustine’s College(Augusco).

Either by sheer coincidence or divine design, this contest was a repeat of their Season 4 meeting at same stage of the competition.

The records show that in that contest, Presec cut Augusco to size en route to their second straight grand finale appearance.

Fans and supporters of the Bakaano-based school were, however, confident of a sweet revenge for their team this time round.

Presec stood their ground and made sure their dream of a third successive finals was firmly on course.

Round 1

First Round started with Presec who had turned out two high scores so far in Senior Sharks 5.

Compared to their two previous contests, they  weren't nearly as good but even the fifty(50) points they pulled was creditable.

Augusco knew from the get-go that at the least minimum, they must match Presec’s fifty(50) points or it will be a different story altogether.

Indeed, they showed great composure and sharpness to record the same fifty(50) points as Presec.

Round 2

The “R-Cubed” Round started with Augusco.

Augusco's first question of the round asked the term used to describe “the study of spelling”?.

Augusco let the question pass by unanswered and Presec as well.

Thereafter, Presec’s Alex established himself as Ghana's answer to John Milton, never putting a foot wrong in the English segment.

Presec let their guards down slightly and allowed St. Augustine’s to come back into the round in the .Arithmetic segment.

But they'd done enough early on to finish off the round well with forty-five (45) points as Augusco took away ten (10) points.

Round 3

Both teams were frantically shoving each other to take pole position in this round.

There arose a situation where contestants were hitting buzzers miles before the set of possible answers were exhausted.

That strategy presents an interesting set of options for teams.

On a good day it can bring maximum benefits while on a bad day it can have negative effect.

At the end of Round 3, Presec still held Augusco at arms length with twenty-five(25) points while Augusco had five(5) points.

Round 4

The contest was still not over until it was completely over.

However, the scales titled heavily against St. Augustine's College.

Be that as it may, Alex and Antwi stepped forward for  Presec and Augusco respectively as English scholars.

They shared the twenty(20) points available.

Tweneboa-Kodua and Ezekiel presented themselves as Math Sharks for Presec and Augusco respectively.

Ezekiel buzzed and gave two incorrect answers while Tweneboah-Kodua preferred to be belled out.

Alfred, nicknamed ‘Alfredo' by the vociferous Presecans and Osbourne took their turn as Science specialists.

Osbourne was bent on taking all twenty(20) points up for grabs for Augusco.

He buzzed before the full set of answers were read, but sadly that decision turned out to be rash.

Alfredo took his time to diagnose the possible answers and nailed it.

The Best Science student contender once again displayed impressive ability to get the second question correctly as Osbourne appeared to have buzzed inadvertently and was struggling to hazard an answer.

Ernest and Marvin marched forward as General Knowledge doyens for Presec and Augusco respectively.

Marvin beat Ernest to identify Ghana’s 100m record holder, Benjamin Azamati, who incidentally is an old student of Presec.

Louth-mouthed social activist, Kwame Asare Obeng, a.k.a Kwame A Plus' voice was played for identification but none had an iota of clue.

End of Round 4 scores had Presec with thirty(30) points as Augusco had twenty(20) points.

Final scores for this top-notch contest showed one hundred and fifty(150) points for the Blue Magicians against eighty-five(85) points for St. Augustine's College.

Scores at a glance( See infographics below)

The Senior Sharks Season 5 is headlined by Kellogg’s and supported by Indomie, Vivo, Fortune Rice and Schweppes

Academic sponsors are Academic City University College, Ashesi University, Family Health University College, Lewis University, University of the Free State, Moringa School.

Media partners of The Sharks Quiz Season 5 are, TV3, 3news, Pulse Ghana, Kwadwo Sheldon and High Schools Society.

The Sharks Quiz is part of the Academic Talent Development Program (ATDP) Foundation initiatives and endorsed by the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service.  



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