Presec subdue Prempeh in fierce ‘El classico’ contest

The first contest of the Round of 16, Senior Sharks 7, was a scintillating showpiece between two schools with cabinets-full of academic laurels. The Presbyterian Boy’s Secondary School (Presec), Legon, took on Prempeh College, Sofoline, Kumasi,- two schools who need no introduction in quiz-a-thons. Each school was aiming to cement their supremacy in this elephantine clash of the Round of 16. Prempeh College, while making their debut appearance in Senior Sharks 7, have been nothing short of fantastic.

Presec subdue Prempeh in fierce ‘El classico’ contest
Presec subdue Prempeh in fierce ‘El classico’ contest
Presec subdue Prempeh in fierce ‘El classico’ contest

They put up top notch performances to short- circuit both Hope College and Sonrise Christian SHS in the First and Second Rounds respectively.

Naturally, Prempeh, a.k.a ‘Amanfour’ had full confidence coursing through their veins when they came face-to-face with their intercity rivals.

In the ‘blue corner’, defending champions, Presec, were also competing in their first Senior Sharks 7 contest.

As a behemoth of the Senior Sharks quiz, the Presecans made Prempeh's sterling performances so far look ordinary.

Presec, whose other moniker is ‘Odadede3’,  went completely gung-ho on Prempeh from Round 1 to Round 4.

They held Prempeh College hostage and had them mesmerised in quod erat demonstrandum by the Third Round of this contest.

Even before the Final Round of this contest could be called, Presec had Prempeh sent to the gallows, and their soul disgorged from their body.


Right Corner Round

Social Literacy, in the history of the quiz, has been one of the areas Presec excels in.

In this contest, they managed a respectable forty (40) points while Prempeh earned twenty (20) points to round off the Right Corner Round.


R Cubed

One incorrect answer in the Reading and Writing segment, and another incorrect call in the Arithmetic segment were the only things to sully Presec's hundred percent record.

Prempeh meanwhile didn't give much hope to their fans as they missed glorious opportunities to score more points.

At the end of the round, Prempeh lost massively as they had just twenty (20) points while Presec gained astronomically by having (80) points.


STEM Round 

With their pride at stake, Prempeh immediately buzzed on the first riddle as they hoped to snap at the heels of the Presecans.

Even though Prempeh could decipher two questions correctly, they also could not decode the other two they buzzed for.

As such, they ended the round with ten (10) points while Presec came in strongly in the second half of the round to return with forty-five (45) points.


One-on-one Round 

Eugene and Alex for Presec and Prempeh respectively showed up as English experts when the round had been rendered only an academic exercise.

Eugene sent the already fulfilled Presecans agog by hitting the first question correctly, while both failed on the second question.

Jeffrey and Excell came as Math specialists for Prempeh and Presec respectively. Both specialists were off-the-mark on their two attempts.

Obrempong met Isaac in a replay of their earlier face-off in the STEM Round.

But this time it was to be Isaac's day, hitting two questions correctly with ease for Prempeh.

Then David and Frederick as General Knowledge experts for Presec and Prempeh respectively came up.

After the first question went unanswered, David picked the image shown correctly.

At the end of the round, Presec had twenty (20) points and Prempeh also had twenty (20) points.

The scores for this one-sided contest to decide once-and-for-all who the ‘masters’ in quizzes is recorded seventy (70) points for Prempeh.

Presec, the primus of Senior Sharks had one hundred and eighty-five (185) points.

At this rate, it is safe to say Presec will be a mouthful for their next opponents…Talk about la tres? Who knows?

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