Super 16; Elite 8; Fabulous 4; Terrific 2- story of Junior Sharks 7 finals

The motto of the King's Guard in ancient Greece reads, “all men have fears but the brave put down their fears and go forward, sometimes to death but always to victory”. The above quote captures what the world had anticipated in the grand finale of Junior Sharks 7. There were no deaths recorded that fateful day Sunday, April 7, 2024. That much we are certain. But there surely were plenty shouts of joy and chants of victory.

Super 16; Elite 8; Fabulous 4; Terrific 2- story of Junior Sharks 7 finals

The grand finale of Junior Sharks 7 was hotly contested between Delhi Private School (DPS), Tema, and Ancilla Primary and JHS, Haatso, Accra.

It was a grand finale that had all the makings of an historic event.

DPS had sights on equalling Ghana Christian International and Manna International's as the only two-time winners of Junior Sharks.

Ancilla were in their first finals and were determined to annex the trophy on first attempt.

The records lent credence to both aspirations- DPS and Ancilla have been the two most exceptional teams throughout Junior Sharks 7.

In their Junior Sharks 7 journey, DPS and Ancilla showed they were streets ahead of the pack.

Ancilla for instance holds the record for the highest score of one hundred and thirty-five (135) at the quarterfinals.

DPS on the other hand took the semifinals to a whole new level, earning a whopping one hundred and fifty-five (155) points.

It is incontestable that the Junior Sharks 7 could not have wished for more befitting candidates to grace the grand finale.



The Junior Sharks 7 officially commenced on February 17, 2024, at the studios of TV3, Adesa We, Kanda, Accra.

Thirty-two teams had qualified to be part of the Junior Sharks 7 quiz.

Out of this number, sixteen (16) teams made it from Northern and Southern sectors-based qualification exercises.

Eight (8) had already secured their place in Junior Sharks 7 as a result of being Ranked schools.

Yet, another set of eight (8) were in the mix because they were categorized as Super Ranked Schools.

After the first round of contests involving the sixteen (16) qualified schools had closed, eight (8) schools made it to the next stage of the competition.

On March 8, 2024, the Round Two (2) series of contests began.

It involved the eight (8) qualified schools who made it from Round 1 and the eight (8) Ranked Schools.

When the Round Two (2) contests were concluded, eight (8) teams qualified to the Round 16 stage.

A date with the well-drilled schools in the Super Ranked bracket awaited them.

The teams at the Round 16 stage of Junior Sharks 7 had now entered their sink or swim moment.

From 24th March, 2024, thenceforth, the Round 16 contests saw match-ups such as Manna International vrs CRIG M/A JHS, DPS vrs Integrity Keepers, Vine Christian vrs Ancilla, and Ghana Christian International High vrs Matta Devi.

The rest were GIU vrs Kotoka Basic, Services JHS vrs Dahin Sheli, Life International vrs Jireh International, and Angels’ Ridge vrs St. Peter's JHS, Nkwatia.

Junior Sharks quarterfinals contests featured the Elite Eight of Manna International, Ancilla, DPS, Life International, Angels’ Ridge, Dahin Sheli, Vine Christian and Ghana Christian High.

The contests were conducted on 31st March, 2024, and produced DPS, Ancilla, Life International and Ghana Christian High as Junior Sharks semi finals candidates.

After eight weeks of captivating action, the semi finals of Junior Sharks 7 came off on April 7, 2024.

Ultimately, two schools emerged as the best among the rest.

Ancilla Primary and JHS, and DPS staged the grand finale of Junior Sharks 7 on same date.

A contest that was won by DPS International School.


The long and arduous road to the finals!

Ancilla Primary and JHS came into Junior Sharks 7 completely unaccustomed to the rigors of the competition.

Rather than buckle under their newcomer status, they outfoxed their way all through to the grand finale.

Ancilla's is simply an inspirational story worth emulating by future Junior Sharks teams.

Their story becomes more unputdownable when it is revealed that they leave Junior Sharks 7 with records to their name.

As a matter of fact, they lost the finals with one hundred and seventy (170) points.

This is the second highest score in Junior Sharks 7.

Ancilla's opponents en route to the finals included Crismond Academy at the Round 1 stage, Scott International at the Round 2 stage, Vine Christian Int. at the Round 16, and GIU Christian Academy at the quarterfinals.

They then stopped Ghana Christian International High at the semifinals, before a date with DPS at the finals was scheduled.

Junior Sharks 6 co-winners- Delhi Private School (DPS) needs little introduction.

They are as unrelenting as ever in Junior Sharks history.

DPS are among a few teams to always enter Junior Sharks competitions as either a Ranked or Super Ranked school.

In Seasons Two (2) and Three (3), DPS took the 1st runner-up position.

Their tenacity was eventually rewarded when they achieved the ultimate honours of co-champions of Junior Sharks 6.

As a Super Ranked school, DPS first met Integrity Keepers School at the Round of 16.

Manna International were hell bent on stopping DPS at the quarterfinals, but that did not see the light of day.

DPS faced Life International at the semifinals before crowning their colourful journey with a thoroughly deserved win over Ancilla at the grand finale.


Prizes and awards

The exposure that derives from participating in the Junior Sharks Quiz aside, it also comes with lots of perks and benefits.

Ghana Christian International High took the fourth position in Junior Sharks 7.

As their reward, the three-time winners took home hampers from Sponsors, G-Money, and the Sharks Team.

They also received a cheque of Ghc2,000.00

Life International, Tema, were the second runner-up in Junior Sharks 7.

They too walked away with bronze medals, branded souvenirs from sponsors and a cheque of Ghc3,000.00

Ancilla Primary and JHS received silver medals for placing second in Junior Sharks 7.

On top of that, contestants took home branded souvenirs and a cheque of Ghc5,000.00 for the school.

Season 7 winners of the Junior Sharks Quiz, Delhi Private School (DPS) were decorated with gold medals.

In addition, they walked away with branded souvenirs and a cash prize of Ghc10,000.00.

Most importantly, they collected “The Golden Book of Knowledge” trophy: the biggest pride that comes with being declared Junior Sharks 7 Champions.


Individual honors

The Junior Sharks Quiz not only recognises and rewards participating schools, it also honors goated contestants across the disciplines.

These MVPs (Most Valuable Participants) are the fulcrum around which the teams oil their Sharks machinery.

Almost invariably, MVPs produce answers single handedly or greatly assist other colleagues in delivering answers.

The Junior Sharks 7 organizers therefore judged the following contestants as the primus inter pares in the various disciplines.

It will interest you to note that contestants of both teams were so good that judges had a hard time picking out recipients.

Organisers were thus left with no option than to share an award between two experts, in two instances.

In English, Akushika Addo of Ancilla Primary and JHS took the best contestant award for her peerless literacy skills.

DPS’ Arnav and Daniel of Ancilla shared the award for best students in Mathematics.

Irrepressible Indriani of DPS easily bested all to take the Science award.

Mitchell Oware of DPS and Anita of Ancilla were both recognised as best in Social Literacy.

Now, the criteria for overall best student as announced by Executive Producer of Junior Sharks 7, Mr. Abel Ohene Acquaye, included but not limited to: teamwork, composure, proactivity outside field of expertise, etc.

According to the esteemed judges of Junior Sharks 7, Mitchell Oware of DPS satisfied in toto the award for Overall Best Contestant.

All awardees took home medals and souvenirs from sponsors.

Junior Sharks 7 has been an exciting ride of mixed emotions: losses and triumphs.

The spirit of fairness and competiveness exhibited by contestants is to be commended.

We say congratulations to all and it is hoped that the lessons learnt by participants will bode well in their future endeavours. Ayekoo!

The Sharks Quiz is developed by the Academic Talent Development Program and produced by the Adesa Production Limited (APL).

Official media partner is TV3.

Sponsors: MTN, G-Money, Fidelity Bank, Academic City University College, Family Health Medical School, Ashesi University, and University of the Free State.

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