Junior Sharks 7 - the ‘fabulous four’ aiming for ultimate glory

The semi-finals of Junior Sharks 7 promises to be an intellectual slugfest of unimaginable levels. Four superb schools are within striking distance of the coveted Junior Sharks 7 trophy. Others set sail but unfortunately stayed adrift of their mission in Junior Sharks 7. These semifinalists were, however, able to steer the tempest and dock safely. They have, through their own ingenuity surmounted every obstacle faced in Junior Sharks 7. The ADTP-Ghana, in partnership with Adesa Productions Ltd (APL) presents the four schools to be counted among the exalted in Junior Sharks 7- the FABULOUS FOUR!

Junior Sharks 7 - the ‘fabulous four’ aiming for ultimate glory
Junior Sharks 7 - the ‘fabulous four’ aiming for ultimate glory
Junior Sharks 7 - the ‘fabulous four’ aiming for ultimate glory
Junior Sharks 7 - the ‘fabulous four’ aiming for ultimate glory
Junior Sharks 7 - the ‘fabulous four’ aiming for ultimate glory

They are: Ancilla Primary and JHS, and Delhi Private School (DPS).

Ghana Christian High International, and Life International School completes the list.

As they ready themselves for the grandest stage of Junior Sharks, bated breadth fills the air.

Possibilities and unpredictabilities combine to make these semifinals contests a potentially explosive spectacle.

This! is the countdown to the final showdown of Season 7 of the most patronized Junior Sharks Quiz.


Key Background

The road to the grand finale of Junior Sharks 7 started at different stages for the four semifinalists in communion.

One school started competing from the preliminary stage while the rest started as Super Ranked schools.

On Sunday April 14, 2024, smart lads and maidens representing the aforementioned will line up.

They will face each other in a bid to dismantle each other as the last encumbrance to their title aspirations.

Fans and followers of Junior Sharks are going to be entertained as they witness two mouth-watering contests.

Contest A will be between DPS and Life International, and comes with guaranteed fireworks.

Ancilla and Ghana Christian High will feature in Contest B, another one that gives palpitations.


Who are they?

Ancilla Primary and JHS: 

Ancilla Primary and JHS are making their maiden foray into the Junior Sharks Quiz.

They are the only non-ranked school to have made it to the semifinals of Junior Sharks 7.

From a distance though, there is little to indicate that they are minnows in Junior Sharks 7.

As a matter of fact, they have earned a hundred (100) points or more in all their contests.

They beat Crismond Academy at first asking, then followed up with a clean swoop of Scott International School.

Their toughest test came against Season 4 first runner-up, and Season 7 Super-ranked school, Vine Christian Int.,

They executed the task to perfection.

GIU Christian Academy posed the last threat to Ancilla, but it turned out to be a small challenge.

Indeed, Ancilla beat GIU Christain Academy with the highest score of one hundred and thirty-five (135) in the quarterfinals series.

As it stands, they reckon as the most fearsome side competing at the semifinals of Junior Sharks 7. Watch out!


Ghana Christian International High School:

Junior Sharks kingpins; record holders; masters; doyen; veterans, call them.

Ghana Christian International High have been there and done that- the first school to win a Junior Sharks trophy.

They have also won the competition a record three times.

That's not all, they have also been crowned second-runner up in Season 6 of the Junior Sharks.

In effect, they have medalled at all the editions of Junior Sharks except Season Five (5).

At close inspection, it is evident that they have come into Season 7 an invigorated side.

The chips appeared to be down in their last contest against super-impressive Dahin Sheli. But Ghana Christian High reinvented the wheel and finished triumphantly.

Prior to that they defeated Matta Devi School at the Round of 16.

Are the champions back in charge?


DPS International:

Dehli Private School (DPS) is one of the highly rated teams in Junior Sharks history.

Their resume speaks for itself: 1st runners-up in Seasons Two (2) and Three (3).

The epoch-making moment for them came in Season 6, when they shared the honours with Manna Int. as co-winners.

As fate would have it, DPS met Manna Int. again at the quarterfinals of Junior Sharks 7.

Any lingering doubts in the minds of fans were quashed when DPS stung Manna with an all-round superlative performance.

Earlier, the Tema-based school had dumped  Integrity Keepers from Kumasi out of the competition.

DPS are the real deal!


Life International:

Life International have been there and about in the good books of Junior Sharks.

They come into Junior Sharks 7 with a Super-ranked status, proof of their consistency.

Nkwatia St. Peter's were the first to collide with Life International, but they faltered.

Life International then laboured but eventually beat Angels’ Ridge to advance to the semifinals.

Judging from their contests, they have what it takes to cause surprises in Junior Sharks, if they just keep their composure.


Who to watch?

Junior Sharks 7 has seen an admirable number of gems, whizkids and wunderkinds on display.

It is these who keep their schools going when the going gets tough.

Their exceptional ability to change the side of a flipped coin in mid-air is incredible.

They are the game-changers, the showstoppers, the magic wand holders, and more.

In the camp of Ancilla, there are more than one contestant that fits the criterion of MVP in any discipline of Junior Sharks 7.

Daniel has shown that his mathematical bandwidth is bigger than most.

Edudzie is another contestant who can be relied upon in STEM discourse. She is simply amazing!

Akushika is flawless when it comes to English and Anita’s social literacy acumen is as good as gold

DPS also presents an all-round excellent team.

But the most conspicuous contestant by far has been none other than Indrani. She possesses quick thinking and supersonic abilities that leaves others transfixed in their seats Arnav is solid in the Math department and Mitchell has proven to be an all-rounder and a natural leader.

.In Ghana Christian High, John's ability to diagnose thorny science problems can be of immeasurable value to the team.


Ready or not, here they come!

The semi-finals of the Junior Sharks 7 is live in technicolor on TV3 Network.

It will also be streamed across all Sharks Quiz online channels, including YouTube and Facebook.

By all indications, it is going to be an attention-grabbing engagement yet unseen in the history of Quiz competitions in the country.

Who makes it to the grand finale from here? Time!- it is the master revealer of all things.

The Sharks Quiz is developed by the Academic Talent Development Program and produced by the Adesa Production Limited (APL).

Official media partner is TV3.

Sponsors: MTN, G-Money, Fidelity Bank, Academic City University College, Family Health Medical School, Ashesi University, and University of the Free State.



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