Campeones! Campeones! DPS clinch Junior Sharks 7 trophy in style

Delhi Private School (DPS), Tema, have won the Junior Sharks 7 Quiz to make it back-to-back victories. By doing so, DPS has achieved an all important milestone. They are now inducted into the exclusive Junior Sharks Quiz ‘Hall of Fame’ for the second year running. DPS beat Ancilla Primary and JHS by the highest score recorded in the Junior Sharks 7 competition. But it will be implausible to think the Junior Sharks fraternity will receive this news with shock.

Campeones! Campeones! DPS clinch Junior Sharks 7 trophy in style
Campeones! Campeones! DPS clinch Junior Sharks 7 trophy in style
Campeones! Campeones! DPS clinch Junior Sharks 7 trophy in style
Campeones! Campeones! DPS clinch Junior Sharks 7 trophy in style

Factually speaking, DPS has been by far the most lethal team in Junior Sharks 7 from their very first contest till the last.

They subdued every opposition met with tact and discipline.

The co-defending champions boasted a team of contestants who were simply in a class of their own.

At each stage, all contestants put in the concerted effort needed to make their dream come true.

Despite the loss, Ancilla Primary and JHS walked out of Junior Sharks 7 with sweet memories of their time spent.

Fans did not give them a dog's chance in the competition, but they beat the odds and found themselves in the grand finale.

Ancilla won the hearts of many with their meticulous approach to answering questions.

Even in this grand finale, Ancilla were outsmarting the co-defending champions in the early stages of the contest.

DPS had to fall on their vast experience and array of game-changing contestants to turn the scales in their favour.

Thus, when the curtains drew on Junior Sharks 7, both teams had earned impressively high scores.

The jubilant DPS team and their teeming supporters though had the last laugh- they earned it. They deserved it!


Right Corner Round

Contestants quickly put the early nervous seconds behind them and focused their minds on the task at hand.

It was DPS who were first asked to answer eight questions on social literacy.

They were able to come up with satisfactory answers to the questions to end the Round with forty (40) points.

Ancilla's answers were better and earned them fifty (50) points as they cushioned themselves well for the roller coaster ahead.


R Cubed Round

Points earned by each school in this round was bigger than what most schools won their contest with.

It simply beats the imagination how the faculties of these two schools kept expanding beyond the horizon.

Absolutely astounding!

And yes! Ancilla did not return a single incorrect score (main or bonus) in the Arithmetic segment- PIN ��� that!

At the end of the Reading, Writing, and Arithmetics segments of this contest, the two schools were still neck-to-neck.

DPS had seventy (70) points while Ancilla led marginally with seventy-five (75) points.


STEM Round

DPS were lagging behind by fifteen (15) points.

But Indriani popped up and hit the first riddle of the round for ten (10) points to reduce that.

It was DPS again, and again with Ancilla unable to find an antidote to DPS game plan.

When Ancilla finally braved themselves and buzzed, they were incorrect.

But they showed their resilience by regrouping and buzzing correctly for the next two questions.

Indeed, Ancilla's successive correct calls appeared to have pierced DPS badly.

The champions quickly cut Ancilla's momentum when they came back to take the rest of the questions to end the Round strongly.

DPS had sixty (60) points at the end of the round while Ancilla had twenty-five (25) points.


One-on-one Round

In their last contests, Ancilla earned forty (40) points while DPS earned thirty (30) points in the General Knowledge round.

This antecedent quite clearly demonstrated that the title-deciding round was going to be fiercely fought.

Akuskika flashed the biggest toothy smile fans had seen of her when she nailed the first question.

But her elation didn't last when Mitchell also put a smile on the face of his fans with a correct answer to the second question.

The former was Ancilla's English specialist while the latter was DPS’.

Daniel, Math wizard from Ancilla had the better of Arnav of DPS by taking the second question after the first question missed both.

In Science, Indriani met Edudzie as experts for DPS and Ancilla respectively.

Indriani, not for the first time in Junior Sharks 7, took the two questions correctly to leave Edudzie heart-broken.

Reliable Jeremy and Anita were the last experts in General Knowledge to be seen in Junior Sharks 7.

They stood for DPS and Ancilla respectively. It was Jeremy who put the icing on the cake by identifying late Ghanaian scientist and inventor, Dr. Thomas Mensah.

End of round scores had Ancilla with twenty (20) points and DPS with forty (40) points.

At the end of this exhilarating contest, Ancilla had a score of one hundred and seventy (170).

DPS, the winner of Junior Sharks Quiz 7 had two hundred and ten (210) points.


Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

DPS now join Ghana Christian International High School and Manna International as the only schools to make two successive finals in Junior Sharks.

Indriani, Arnav, Mitchelle, Jeremy, Obrempong had the self-belief that they could do it, and they did it in grandeur.

The body language of DPS tells one thing- that they want to go all out and defend their crown in Season 8.

In the process, they will equal Ghana Christian International High's long standing record of three-time champions.

It is not a mission imPOSSIBLE!

Betwixt and between, let's give it up for the champions of Junior Sharks one more time.

And let us pat Ancilla on the back for a great job done.

Congratulations to the everyone in the Junior Sharks Community.


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