Titanic clash- DPS with sweet revenge over Manna Int.

The Junior Sharks contest described by many as the ‘El Clasico’, ‘Der Klassiker’, ‘Old Firm’, ‘Super Clash’, etc, lived up to the hype. Manna International and Dehli Private School (DPS), two well-decorated schools in Junior Sharks squared off in the second quarter finals contest of Junior Sharks 7. It was the umpteenth time the two schools were meeting at Junior Sharks, with each meeting producing eventful outcomes.

Titanic clash- DPS with sweet revenge over Manna Int.
Titanic clash- DPS with sweet revenge over Manna Int.
Titanic clash- DPS with sweet revenge over Manna Int.
Titanic clash- DPS with sweet revenge over Manna Int.

Their last meeting was at the grand finale of Junior Sharks 6, where fans were treated to one of the keenest contests ever.

In that memorable grand finale, Manna International and DPS could not be separated after four rounds, with both schools eventually being declared joint winners of Junior Sharks 6.

As the torch bearers of the two schools mounted the podium to battle it out in this quarterfinals contest, Junior Sharks 7, expectant fans kept asking who would have the last laugh and secure a semifinal berth?

When the sound of the time keeper's bell to end the contest chimed, the contest had been rightly summed up as another one for the books.


Right Corner Round

Manna International entered this contest business-like as if they were about to bay for blood.

They were the first to answer the social literacy questions, and their efforts didn't go unrewarded.

They returned with forty (40) points, which was okay, but could have been better.

DPS too were not at the peak of their game, but bagging thirty (30) points is something that cannot be taken for a trifling.


R Cubed Round

DPS and Manna International took no breather at all as they both jetted off on a good note in the Reading and Writing segment.

Manna, strangely lost grounds thereafter with bad calls which gave DPS a thoroughfare in the Reading and Writing segment of this round.

In the Arithmetic segment, it was DPS again who produced the first correct score.

Even though Manna picked a correct answer also, most of the questions were left unanswered by both teams.

Scores at the end of the round announced fifteen (15) points to Manna while DPS took a great leap forward with forty (40) points.


STEM Round

DPS buzzed for the first riddle of the round, and uncharacteristically missed it.

To the great relief of DPS, Manna International were not able to right their wrong.

The round saw passes and misses from both sides until DPS took the bull by the horn and buzzed for the first correct ten (10) points of the round.

At the end of the round, DPS had zero (0) points, with Manna International marginally reducing the point gap by five (5) points.


One-on-one Round

Ten (10) points only separated the protagonists in one of the greatest rivalries seen in Junior Sharks. Just ten (10) points to decide the fate of the avengers or repeaters.

With rapt attention, fans watched as Nicky and Arnan appeared to slug it out in English Proficiency for Manna International and DPS respectively.

Nicky was on point with his answer to the first question, but missed the second question.

Arnan did not attempt any of the questions.

Ephraim and Mitchell took their turn as the Math wizards for these two brilliant schools but no positive answers came from their pens.

Dennis of Manna faced Indriani the Science wunderkind from DPS. And yes! It was Indriani who bagged twenty (20) points for DPS.

Her leap of joy was understandable- DPS had one leg in the Semi-Finals.

To identify a still photo, audio, or video, Christian and Jeremy engaged each other as Social Literacy masters for Manna Int. and DPS respectively.

Jeremy heaved a sigh of relief when he identified the logo of car brand Mazda, which was missed by Christian.

That was all in the last segment, with end of round scores giving ten (10) points to Manna International while DPS ended with thirty (30) points.

Final scores in this thoroughly exciting contest said seventy (70) points for Manna, and one hundred (100) points for DPS.

By this result, Manna International School have for the first time in five years failed to qualify for the semi finals of Junior Sharks.

For DPS, this victory will come as a sweet revenge after they were almost denied their championship trophy through no fault of theirs in Season 6.

Congratulations to DPS, knowing that Manna will come back better and stronger. Best of luck to them.

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