Two all-female schools went head-to-head in the first contest of round 2 of the Sharks Quiz, Senior Sharks edition and the build up to this contest as massive, well for obvious reasons.


St. Louis came into this contest from the preliminary stages after a win whilst for Wesley Girls, their position as a ranked school from last year’s competition gave them the impetus to compete.

This was a battle of the girls, a battle of favorites.

Wesley Girls was represented by Victoria, Ramatu, Jessica, and Sulemana whilst Dalphine, Emmanuella, Abena and Cecilia represented St. Louis SHS.

ROUND 1                                                                                                                                                              The girls of Louis started the round impressively, with consecutive accurate answers to the marvel of the audience and viewers. The calming nature of the contestants with which they answered was noteworthy. Although they passed some questions, they managed to return with accuracy.

Wesley Girls on the other hand began with an inaccuracy but they swiftly bounced back on track. They also returned to their passé questions in a beautiful turn of events. St. Louis led at the end of the round.

ROUND 2                                                                                                                                                                Both schools made a substitution. Winnibelle came in for St. Louis and Adjeiwaa came in for Wesley Girls. This round proved to be massive for Wesley Girls as they began the round outstandingly with an accurate answer whilst St. Louis struggled with their major question. Wesley Girls began snatching the bonus points at this point which was detrimental to the survival of St. Louis. The consistency of Wesley Girls in this round was awesome; leading by 60 points at the end of the round as opposed to St. Louis’ 10 points.

ROUND 3                                                                                                                                                                Both schools had no reasons to give up at this venture. St. Louis gradually began to bounce back at this round. Both schools were determined not to lose out on points, for glory was at stake. Although Wesley Girls led, St. Louis was eager to overtake them but the accuracy of the girls from Cape Coast was up to par.

Both set of contestants remained calm and remained strategic in how they answered the questions. Test Wesley Girls still led by 35-30 points.

ROUND 4                                                                                                                                                            Round 4 was the decider as the gap had been marginalized.

Emmanuella faced of with Nana Ama in the English set with the former answering all the questions accurately. What brilliance over the English language she portrayed.

In the Maths set, Emmanuella was up against Adjeiwaa with other contestants not making much of their attempts.

Winnibelle accurately answered one question in the Science set against Adjeiwaa whilst Nana Ama also accurately got it against Cecilia in the general knowledge set.

Both schools and contestants all played their parts smartly but at the end Wesley Girls took home the glory and a qualification to the next stage of the competition winning by a 160 to a 145 margin.

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