Adisadel College, Cape Coast, were in their quadridextrous elements as they piped St. Peter’s SHS in their marathon semi finals clash of Senior Sharks 6. This semifinals clash was perhaps the profoundest manifestation of the old sage, “Never say die until you're dead”. It was not the first time Senior Sharks 6 had seen a contest with such degree of closeness, but coming in the semi-finals made it all the more orgasmic. From the outset, it was evident that both Adisadel College (Adisco) and St. Peter's ( Persco) were well prepared and determined to claim victory come what may.


The contest could well be described as a contest of two halves: the defending champions taking the first two rounds while the Santaclausians took the last two rounds to earn a well deserved spot in the finals.

Round 1

The two schools carried their impressive command of current affairs and popular culture from the previous contest into this battle.

With just an answer short of a perfect score, St. Peter’s impressed as usual in the Right Corner Round to end the round with seventy (70) points.

Adisco also followed Persco closely to end the round with sixty (60) points to throw the contest wide open.

Round 2

Persco’s record in the R-Cubed Round and especially in Numeracy happens to be one of the best of the four semi-finalists, and they once again performed to that attestation.

The defending champions had “catch me if you can” written all over them as they zoomed away from Adisco.

At the end of Round 2, St. Peter's had an amazing fifty-five (55) points while Adisco clutched at a straw with just ten (10) points.

Round 3

With a combined tally of one hundred and twenty (120) in the STEM Round from the R16 and Quartefinals, underestimating Adisco is a costly venture.

For reasons yet unexplained, the defending champions seemed not to have paid much attention to this sacrosanct fact.

Perhaps the premature jubilation by the fans of the defending champions may have given the contestants a false sense of victory.

Needless to say that St. Peter's were abysmal, allowing Adisco a chance back into the contest, slowly but surely.

For the nth time, Michael Kwasi became the focal point for Adisco as they took total control of the STEM.

That they missed the very first riddle did not dampen the spirit of the Zebra Boys.

At the end of Round 3, St. Peter's had nothing to show while Adisco earned thirty (30) points to reduce the deficit astronomically.

Round 4

American Revolutionary, Patrick Henry's famous quote, “give me liberty, or give me death” encapsulated the mood as the final round came up.

In short, it is now an all-or-nothing affair.

In English, Wedam and Roland walked majestically onto the stage to compete as the experts for Persco and Adisco respectively.

After buzzing wrongly on the first question, Roland sent the Santaclausians into ecstasy as he took the second question.

Reginald and Benedict had done their permutation and knew that only fifteen (15) points stood between their school and glory.

Their first attempts were unproductive but once again Benedict buzzed in a flash to snatch the second question and down the deficit again to just five (5).

Science experts: Kingsley and Michael Kwasi for St. Peter's and Adisco respectively missed the first question and were ruled out on the second by the technicalities of the game.

Consider this, if the General Knowledge experts for Adisco and St. Peter's shared the last twenty (20) points, the defending champions would be in their second straight finals.

However, if Adisco takes at least ten (10) points with Peter’s unable to bag any, Adisco were headed for their first ever finals.

Kelvin froze in his stand as Michael delivered the killer blow that finished off St. Peter’s by correctly identifying the person in the shot.

None could identify the audio up for identification, which inability in the scheme of things was fatal to the fortunes of Persco.

End of Round Scores had Adisco with thirty (30) points and St. Peter’s with another disappointing zero (0).

Finally, after a lull, Adisco were announced as the winners of arguably the most electrifying contest of Senior Sharks 6.

They had one hundred and thirty (130) points to one hundred and twenty- five (125) points for St. Peter’s SHS.

Well done to both schools!

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