Senior Sharks 6 witnessed one of the most neck and neck contests ever in the history of the competition. St. Thomas Aquinas and Okuapeman SHS duelled their Round 2 contest at such a high competitive level. A clear winner could not emerge until the very last question of the final Round. Both schools demonstrated vast mental bandwidth in all departments of this contest.


Okuapeman started brightest and sent shock waves coursing through the veins of the Accra, Cantonment-based school.

Affectionately called Old Toms, St. Thomas Aquinas weathered the storm and bounced back in the subsequent rounds.

The Reading and Writing segment of Round 2 being the game changer for St. Thomas Aquinas SHS.

All the technical elements of the quiz, i.e passes, quickest fingers, team work, as well as sheer individual brilliance were on full display to make this contest an entertaining spectacle.

To miss this contest? Perish the thought!

Round 1

This Round asked the contestants their knowledge of social science, humanities and anything from Argentina to Zanzibar.

St. Thomas Aquinas had the honour of opening the round and put in their best efforts to end the Round with fifty (50) points.

Okuapeman readied themselves for their eight set of questions and acquitted themselves without blemish.

They scored a rare and exceptional hundred percent in this Round to lead the contest authoritatively with eighty (80) points going into Round 2.

Round 2

With the bar set high, no amount of banality would be entertained by both schools as they introduced their trump cards without delay.

St. Thomas Aquinas, it would be recalled have an enviable reputation of performing effortlessly in Reading and Writing.

In this contest of Senior Sharks 6, they swept all main and bonus questions in the Reading and Writing segment while Okuapeman laboured.

Okuapeman (Okuass), however, made giant strides in the Arithmetic segment to restore the contest to equal footing once again.

End of Round Scores had St. Thomas Aquinas with fifty-five (55) points and Okuass with twenty-five (25) points.

Round 3

St. Thomas Aquinas broke the cycle of incorrect answers that’s been the story in this Round with their first correct answer.

Sadly, that effort appeared to have been a flash in the pan as St. Thomas Aquinas tumbled backwards with Okuapeman in tow.

Questions posed were indeed tough, in all fairness to the contestants.

By the end of the Round, incorrect answers surpassed the correct answers given by both schools.

The net effect being that, both Aquinas and Okuapeman ended the round with a negative score of ten( -10) and five (-5) respectively.

Round 4

Isaac and Rhoda were the first to identify as the best-of-the-best in English for St. Thomas Aquinas and Okuapeman respectively.

Isaac smiled broadly, in the knowledge that he had added an all-important twenty (20) points to his school's tally.

James and Paul were the math grandmasters representing St. Thomas Aquinas and Okuapeman respectively.

Two questions all got unanswered though James attempted the second, with his answer diametrically different to the preferred answer.

Jonathan and Isabella indicated they are the go-to Science persons for St. Thomas Aquinas and Okuapeman respectively.

First, Jonathan buzzed and was awarded a correct answer on the first question but impatience was the death of him when he buzzed for the second answer when all options hadn’t been read.

Isabella took full advantage of Jonathan’s mess to hit the second question correctly for Okuapeman.

In General Knowledge,  Jeffrey and Godfred for St. Thomas Aquinas and Okuapeman stood up to lead their team to final glory.

For their first identification, they were to pick the photo of Ghana Journalist Association (GJA) Journalist of the Year and News Anchor with TV3 network, Portia Gabor.

Both of them it appeared are not fans of TV.

But Patrice Motshepe, CAF President’s picture was identified by Godfred as Jeffrey hesitated after he hit the buzzer first.

That knife edge finish brought the contest to an end with scores showing thirty (30) for Aquinas and twenty (20) for Okuapeman.

Final scores of this pulsating contest had Okuapeman with one hundred and twenty (120) points and St. Thomas Aquinas escaping by a hair’s breadth with one hundred and twenty-five (125) points.

Big congratulations to both school for giving fans a quality worthwhile contest.

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