Sharks 5 -Mfantsipim vrs KNUST SHS

Mfantsipim School, Cape Coast, the oldest secondary school in Ghana made their maiden appearance at The Sharks Quiz. Founded by the Methodist Church in 1896 and revived by one of its old students, John Mensah Sarbah in 1905, Mfantsipim, boasts of a rich academic history.

Sharks 5 -Mfantsipim vrs KNUST SHS

Mfantsipim School, Cape Coast, the oldest secondary school in Ghana made their maiden appearance at The Sharks Quiz.

Founded by the Methodist Church in 1896 and revived by one of its old students, John Mensah Sarbah in 1905, Mfantsipim, boasts of a rich academic history.

Few single and co-ed senior high schools in Ghana can hold a candle to Mfantsipim School when it comes to the timbre and calibre of men they have produced.

In The Sharks Quiz, however, Mfantsipim’s unvanquishable credentials are yet to be fully unfurled before fans and viewers of the competition.

Their opponents in Senior Sharks 5 were Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Senior High School(KNUST SHS), Kumasi.

Nicknamed “The School", Mfantsipim presented Nana Kwame, Delator Dela, Bernard Kantamanto, and Kobina Ghartey.

The four scholars appeared as ‘red-eyed' as their famous red shirt, perhaps a fair warning to their opponent that fireworks awaits them.

Henry Osei, Kwadwo Kyeremanteng Agyepong, Nutifafah Kwesi, and Delancy Ama Yaa also appeared primed to smother Mfantsipim's fire.

The contest, from the start of the first round was competed on equal footing, with little to separate the two teams.

In the course of this first of episode four contest, the stellar status of the Kotokuraba-situated school began to speak for itself.

Round 1

Rule of thumb in this Kellogg’s sponsored round: store as much points as you can, to serve as buffer in the subsequent rounds.

So it was when KNUST SHS started the round.

They did not find the questions friendly, to say the least, having had to ‘pass’ a lot of them.

After mopping up the questions that were passed, they still ended with a low score of thirty(30) points.

Mfantsipim’s questions followed the same pattern and like KNUST SHS they struggled with their eight questions.

Both schools ended the round with thirty( 30) points apiece to leave Round 2 anxiously open.

Round 2

Joel Benson replaced Papa Kwame while Maxwell Addo replaced Osei Henry for Mfantsipim and KNUST SHS respectively.

Contestants were asked to pick the odd word out of a given list.

Both schools, as sharp as a surgeon’s knife neatly and decisively dissected all their questions.

The next batch was being asked to spell words and once again contestants performed creditably with their answers.

Arithmetic followed, and it was at this point the course of this contest changed in Mfantsipim's favour.

The substitution effected by ‘Kwabotwe’, as Mfantsipim are affectionately called, proved to be a decisive piece of intervention.

Mfantsipim ended with forty( 40) points whereas KNUST SHS ended with fifteen(15) points.

Round 3

Mfantsipim turned the screw up on KNUST SHS in this STEM round.

The Boadi, Kumasi-based school was having serious difficulties dealing with Mfantsipim’s electrifying pace at this stage.

KNUST could only buzz to three answers, one of which returned as correct and the other two incorrect.

KNUST SHS, also known as ‘Tech Sec' could not add a single point to their point tally so far.

Mfantsipim on the other hand did more than enough to end the round with thirty(30) points.

Round 4

At the sound of the bell for the last round to start, Mfantsipim had ensured they had a commanding gap over KNUST SHS.

Except if KNUST SHS could become the first school in the history of the Sharks Quiz to answer all eight questions in this one-on-one round.

Otherwise, they stood little chance overcoming the fifty-five(55) points difference.

Proceeding, the specialists in English were Delancy and Kobina Ghartey for KNUST SHS and Mfantsipim School respectively.

First question and Kobina Ghartey was so confident of his answer he didn’t wait for the full set of answers to be read.

Ten(10) points for Mfantsipim.

Delancy rose to the challenge and buzzed to the second question.

Ten(10) points for KNUST SHS also.

Maxwell and Joel put up as the Mathematics experts for KNUST SHS and Mfantsipim School respectively.

The first question was attempted by Maxwell but it was far from what the answer was.

Joel needed more time, perhaps.

Both of them were belled out on the second question as they were busy cracking their brain.

Science ‘Sharks' showed Nutifafah And Delator for KNUST SHS and Mfantsipim School respectively.

Joel broke the brief lull that followed the end of the reading of the possible answers to buzz with the correct answer.

On the second question, both missed the right answer, Delator first with an option “B" answer, then Nutifafah with an option “D” answer.

Papa Kwame made a come back into the competition as the General Knowledge scholar for Mfantsipim.

His opponent was Agyapong.

For their first assignment, they were to name the coach of Moroccan football club, Raja Casablanca.

For their second question, they were to identify Ghanaian female African High jump champion, Rose Amoaniwaa Yeboah.

As observed by Quizmistress and agreed by many, both are not sports enthusiasts unfortunately.

That no show by the social literacy doyens brought the contest to a close.

Mfantsipim scored thirty(20) points while KNUST SHS scored ten(10) points in Round 4.

Mfantsipim had thumped KNUST SHS convincingly with one hundred and twenty(120) points to fifty-five(55) points, as the final scores captured.

For all the saints, who from their labours rest,

Who Thee by faith before the world confessed,

Thy Name, O Jesus, be forever blessed.

Alleluia, Alleluia!

Scores at a glance( See infographics below)

The Senior Sharks Season 5 is headlined by Kellogg’s and supported by Indomie, Vivo, Fortune Rice and Schweppes

Academic sponsors are Academic City University College, Ashesi University, Family Health University College, Lewis University, University of the Free State, Moringa School.

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The Sharks Quiz is part of the Academic Talent Development Program (ATDP) Foundation.

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