Life International fly on Angels’ Ridge into semifinal

Life International, Tema, are into the semi finals of the Junior Sharks Quiz Season 7. It is a feat they achieved at the expense of Angels’ Ridge School. Before this contest, both teams had interesting and perhaps contrasting tales to tell. Being Super Ranked Schools, the two teams had their first taste of Junior Sharks 7 at the Round of Sixteen (16). While Angels’ Ridge had to beat Jireh International the hard way, Life International were massive winners against St. Peters’ Basic, Nkwatia.

Life International fly on Angels’ Ridge into semifinal
Life International fly on Angels’ Ridge into semifinal
Life International fly on Angels’ Ridge into semifinal

This first contest of the quarterfinals series failed to ignite the competition as most anticipated.

Angels’ Ridge, in all fairness deserve commendation for not throwing in the towel when they were down but finding strength to finish hard.

The day, however, belonged to Life International who marched on to the next stage of the competition.


Right Corner Round

It is to be seen in Junior Sharks that when teams are hugely disadvantaged from the blast of the whistle, their overall scores suffer.

Angels’ Ridge could not come up with any correct answers to all the eight questions.

Life International, on the other hand managed to scoop twenty (20) points.


R Cubed Round

The Reading and Writing segment was all

Life International with no points from Angels’ Ridge.

There was no significant departure from this trend in the Arithmetic segment also, but credit goes to Angels’ Ridge for picking the last bonus point from Life International.

At the end of the round, Life International had forty-five (45) points with Angels’ Ridge having zero (0) points.


STEM Round

Seeing the humongous point gap staring them in the face, Angels’ Ridge dashed for the first question of the STEM Round in a bid to save their dreams.

But their effort was fruitless, just as Angels’ Ridge's was.

After a long spell of inactivity, Angels’ Ridge tried their luck once again, and they were on point for ten (10) points.

At the end of the round, Life International hadn't done anything meaningful, thus ending with a negative point of (-5), while Angels’ Ridge had five (5) points.


One-on-one Round 

Edna and Erskine were the English experts for Life International and Angels’ Ridge respectively. All was not lost though!

Plaudits goes to Erskine for the nerveless manner she executed her correct answers for twenty (20) points.

Mathematicians Josiah and Joseph for Angels’ Ridge and Life International respectively were next in action.

Josiah came close on the first question but couldn't quite nail it, his second attempt also missed.

Jaden and Erica pulled up as Science Sharks for Angels’ Ridge and Life International respectively.

Erica was bold enough to interrupt the reading of the clues, but she was unsuccessful. Through her misses, she presented Jaden with subtle hints and he confidently answered correctly all two questions.

General Knowledge experts had Freda and Owusua for Angels’ Ridge and Life International respectively in the picture.

No points gained by either side in response to the two photos uploaded.

At the end of the round forty (40) points went to Angels’ Ridge while Life International had zero (0) points.

Final Scores for this contest had forty-five (45) points for Angels’ Ridge with Life International winning with sixty (60) points.

As the competition gets keener, Life International would have to bring their best arsenals into their next contest to stand any chance of progressing further.

Congratulations to Life International and all the best to Angels’ Ridge.

The Sharks Quiz is developed by the Academic Talent Development Program and produced by the Adesa Production Limited (APL).

Official media partner is TV3.

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