Presec’s superiority yet again proved terminal to the hopes of St. Augustine's College for a first Senior Sharks finals appearance. This semi-finals battle between the Presbyterian Boys Secondary School (Presec), Legon, and St. Augustine's College, Cape Coast, was the third time they'd met in Senior Sharks. In the two previous encounters, Presec, Legon, had gone back to Mile 6, Accra, in jubilation. Tellingly, Presec went to the grand finale on the two occasions they beat St. Augustine’s College (Augusco), winning one trophy in the process.


In Senior Sharks 6, however, Augusco has been a completely transformed team, captivating the attention of spectators as they dislodged Season 4 winners, Wesley Girl's High School, and Season 2 winners, Opoku Ware School at the R16 and quarterfinals stages respectively.

As such, the air was electric with anticipation when the two teams took their position on the stage.

Ultimately, Augusco ‘s prime objective of stopping the Presecans from making yet another grand finale did not materialize.

Round 1

St. Augustine’s started this Right Corner Round, but they will undoubtedly rue the missed opportunity to rake in the most points.

Thirty (30) points was not the best way to start a contest with the Blue Magicians.

The Presecans faced no substantial challenges with their eight set of questions and ended the round with an all important sixty (60) points.

Round 2

Presec's all roundedness notwithstanding, it is worth noting that they are masters of Literacy and Numeracy in Senior Sharks 6.

In the Reading and Writing segment, the Presecans held their own against Augusco, who were up to the task.

But as has been elaborated on already, Presec’s firepower in Numeracy is particularly lethal and it became apparent once again.

Presec tightened their grip on this contest to end the round with sixty-five ( 65) points with thirty (30) points standing in the name of Augusco.

Round 3

As the competition bore on, questions become increasingly difficult, especially in STEM forcing contestants to dig deep into their repertoire of knowledge.

Being the biggest point holders in STEM, Augusco’s scientific prowess could not be discounted.

But Presec are unrelenting and they paid no regard to this statistic as they snapped the first riddle of the Round for maximum points.

Augusco's substitution in the person of Julien was also having the desired impact as he hit correct answers for the Bakaano, Cape Coast lads.

At the end of the STEM Round, Presec were the better side with twenty-five (25) points whereas Augusco could not replicate their geniusness in STEM.

They ended the round with fifteen (15) points.

Round 4

The action-led school needed a miracle in a manner wrought by St. Augustine of Hippo to overturn this huge seventy-five (75) points gap. Is it doable?

To attempt the unthinkable, English expert for Augusco, Nana Kwame, took on Kwabena, the English expert for Presec.

None had any answer to the first question even though Kwabena made an attempt, and same was seen with the second question.

Dortey’s legendary status in Presec is well established and his name once again elicited massive reaction from the Presecans when he came face to face with Ezekiel, the Math Shark for St. Augustine's.

Ezekiel got the better of Dortey this time when he got the second question after they’d both missed the first ask.

Science specialists Jamayne and Julien came up for Presec and St. Augustine's College respectively.

Julien was too hasty it appears and a wrong answer accompanied his buzz, thus.

Jamayne could not seize the opportunity begging, but he was, however, not to be denied on the second question.

Nii Otu faced Ohene as General Knowledge experts for Presec and Augusco respectively.

Nii Otu picked the first photo uploaded for identification, being that of Dr. John Ofori Tenkorang, Director General of SSNIT.

Unfortunately, both could not decipher the voice of a certain Yvonne- whether it is Nelson or Chaka Chaka is for the fans to discover.

Twenty (20) points stood in the name of Presec while ten (10) points went for St. Augustine's College at the end of Round.

In the final scores Augusco had eighty (80) points.

Presec’s intellectual fortitude had carried them to their fourth consecutive finals with a score of one hundred and seventy (170).


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