UPSHS never give up- they show St. Louis the exit

That the Senior Sharks Quiz imbues a sense of tenacity, resilience, and steely resolve cannot be overemphasized. These are to be seen in the history of the competition and the contests so far competed for in Season 7. But none has exemplified these attributes more profoundly than University Practice SHS (UPSHS), Cape Coast.

UPSHS never give up- they show St. Louis the exit
UPSHS never give up- they show St. Louis the exit
UPSHS never give up- they show St. Louis the exit

Still in the First Round contests, the Cape Coasters were up against St. Louis SHS, Kumasi- one of the best girls schools in the country.

Just as their name and fame precedes them, St. Louis started this contest in boisterous mode, stretching UPSHS by a comfortable margin in Round One.

UPSHS, to their credit were not dampened by their poor start to the contest.

From Round Two till the end of the contest, UPSHS made a massive turn-around and asserted themselves in the contest.

They kept at it till victory was delivered at the very last minute of the contest. Massive!!


Right Corner Round

UPSHS’ showing in this round was unforgivable, to put it mildly.

Ten (10) points in such a high profile contest is not to be countenanced if they wish to go far in Senior Sharks 7.

St. Louis SHS were impressive, tackling half of the questions correctly to end the Round with forty (40) points.


R Cubed Round

UPSHS had shed off their Round One debacle, it appeared, and assumed a fresh exoskeleton.

They came into this round sharper and livelier, not looking anything near their Round One self.

Their Reading, Writing, and especially Arithmetic efforts was also better and matched St. Louis fair and square.

At the end of the round, both schools were pegged at thirty (30) points apiece. Game on!


STEM Round

Sensing the lack of urgency in the Round, St. Louis decided to make their presence felt.

But their buzz to the third riddle returned with minus five (-5) instead of the ten (10) points they were expecting.

St. Louis meanwhile continued to cede their foothold with one correct; two incorrect answers.

On the other, the STEM game of UPSHS ought to be singled out for praise- brainpower at work!

They took the initiative to St. Louis, and out of the five riddles attempted, they missed only one.

St. Louis thus ended the round with zero (0) points while UPSHS had now taken a fifteen (15) point lead as they ended the round with forty-five (45) points.


One-on-one Round

Two great schools had so far made this contest colourful and enjoyable, but we were not done yet.

This round held the keys to the ride from Accra to either Cape Coast or Kumasi.

Mitchell and Eugena braced themselves for the ride of their lives ahead as English experts for UPSHS and St. Louis SHS respectively.

After incorrect answers on the first, it was Eugena who made the right choice with “Hopson's choice” as answer to the second question.

Adom and Serwaa tried all they could but they missed the first question and got timed out on the second.

Adom stood as Math geek for UPSHS while Serwaa reped St. Louis respectively.

In Science, Edwin and Emmanuella posted for UPSHS and St. Louis SHS respectively.

Edwin was off the mark on the first question, but buzzed again on the second question and took it as easy as A, B, C.

Joseph and Deborah had the last chance to win this contest for their school as they came forth as General Knowledge experts for UPSHS and St. Louis SHS respectively.

They shared the twenty (20) points available in this segment, which was good news for UPSHS.

At the end of the round, UPSHS and St. Louis had twenty (20) points each.

Final Scores then showed ninety (90) points to St. Louis and One hundred and five (105) to UPSHS.

To lose by such a high score is shattering to say the least, however, St. Louis will not be disappointed in their overall performance.

It was tip top.

UPSHS’ victory was long drawn and hard fought, but as the sage goes, “the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory”. Enjoy!

Congratulations to both schools.

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