The first contest in the Quarterfinals series of Senior Sharks 6 could be described as a match brewed in the Holy See.St. Augustine’s College, Cape Coast, and Opoku Ware School, Santasi, faced each other in a reprise of the third-place contest of Season 5.The 2022 showdown between these two high-flying Catholic schools was won by St. Augustine’s College (Augusco). Opoku Ware School's résumé accompanying them into this Season 6 quarterfinals contest was frighteningly admirable.They boasted of a mammoth two hundred and twenty (220) points-the biggest points which any school has registered in Senior Sharks 6.


Coupled with being Season 2 champions, it was not entirely inconceivable to pick them as the favourite for this contest.
Augusco, whose credo says “action nkotsee”, loosely translated as “non-stop action", also possessed enough facilities to meet their brethren fairly and squarely.
The Bakaano-based school were once again at their scintillating best en route to triumphing in this “repeat or revenge” mission.
As an aside, an interesting spectacle saw a group of students from St. Louis SHS, Kumasi, troop to the auditorium.
Understood to be twinned with Opoku Ware School ( OWASS), the ladies, themselves kicked out of Season 6 by Wesley Girl's High School were there to cheer OWASS on to victory.
Unfortunately, it was to be the last time they both would grace the screens of Senior Sharks 6.
Round 1
Questions in Round 1 posed some considerable encumbrance to the best possible start to the contest both schools had envisaged.
It was the Owarians who set the ball rolling in this Round and did well to end the round with fifty (50) points.
St. Augustine's College did not have it easy as they tackled their questions, resulting in forty (40) points to their name at the end of the Round.
Round 2
St. Augustine's it was who opened this Round and they nailed their question to level up the scores and put OWASS slightly on edge.
In the Reading and Writing, and the Arithmetic segments of this Round, both schools trod on cautious grounds.
OWASS, however, made more calamitous errors to gravely injure their creditable start to this contest.
The Cape Coasters appeared the more pragmatic throughout the round, even picking Opoku Ware's bonus point to end the round as high as they had started.
Scores at the end of the Round displayed ten (10) points for OWASS and sixty (60) points for St. Augustine's.
Round 3
Coming off the back of that highly riveting exercise in Round 2, St. Augustine's College were bubbling with gusto.
Without hesitation, they delivered the first riddle of the round correctly for ten (10) points.
So the second was also similarly executed till OWASS interrupted their flow and took their first ten (10) points of the Round.
That did little to deter the well focussed Augustinians as they picked their third riddle successfully.
It was all Augusco till they gave their first incorrect answer which OWASS failed to take advantage of as they were also met with an incorrect response.
Demoralized and deflated, OWASS watched in horror as Augusco came back to pick the last riddle of the Round. 
Thus, OWASS dropped huge points to end the round with a disappointing five (5) only to leave St. Augustine's soaring with seventy-five (75) points.
Round 4
Neither St. Thomas Aquinas, the patron Saint of OWASS nor any miracle wrought from Galilee could save them.
The points gap between these schools at the end of the penultimate Round showed one hundred and ten (110) points.
Specialists in English, Math, Science, and General Knowledge for OWASS and St. Augustine's made appearances in accordance with the rules of engagement.
Overall, experts in these subject areas put in their best, but the Akatakyie, another moniker for OWASS finished stronger.
Scores at the end of the One-on-one Round gave ten (10) points to the runaway winners Augusco while OWASS parted with thirty (30) points.
St. Augustine's College were in their second consecutive semi-finals with a final tally of one hundred and eighty-five (185) points.
OWASS’ final score of ninety-five (95) and the contest itself is one they would quickly love to erase from their memory.
Mbo Augustine!
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